Bio Tabs

Working with the customer to provide the facilities and services to promote an environmentally friendly washroom. 

Bio Tabs Supplied by Adelaide Sanitary Disposal

Our bio tabs make your urinals hygienic and reduces any unwanted odor. Parts of the tabs dissolve upon the flushing of the unit releasing the solution with a refreshing fragrance. The solution is environmentally friendly as it is made from a non-corrosive list of ingredients that will not harm your drainage or the planet. The ingredients work against the organic waste resulting in less clogging and odor. Experience trouble free urinals today. 

Environmentally Safe

We always make an effort to supply equally efficient environmentally friendly products to our customers whenever possible.

Less Clogging

The active ingredients that are released each time the bio tab is rinsed work against the organic waste that would otherwise build up in the urinal.

Eliminates Odor

The bio tabs help eliminate odors by both eliminating the organic waste and also releasing its own fragrances.

Pleasant Fragrance

With each flush a small amount of fragrance is released helping to create the pleasant bathroom environment most businesses aspire to achieve.

Less Maintenance

For the reasons in this list the unpleasant urinal maintenance of the urinals is kept to a minimum thanks to our frequent services.

Replaced Periodically

Our service technicians will replace the bio tabs when we come and service your bathroom meaning you will never be without these great urinal additions.

As time progresses and the needs of your business change, we are always happy to adjust the services that we provide in order to best suit your current situation. Just contact one of our friendly customer service staff members via email or phone.


“Adelaide sanitary disposal is a very efficient business. I organised the bathroom services out of business hours but on the occasions when I am still in the office the service member was very friendly and competent."
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"I have been extremely pleased with Adelaide Sanitary Disposals quality of the service. I have been a customer for a number of years and recently had to increase their service frequency. They were very accommodating."
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"Unlike hygiene services we've used in the past this company actually replaces disposal bins with a sanitised unit. Other places just replace the liner."
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